About Montreal Cat Adoptions

Hi my name is Lynn.

I started saving cats and kittens when someone I knew had 2 female cats in her backyard and every spring they would have babies. I took in 2 litters and fixed them and found them homes and then we fixed the mommy's to stop it from happening again. It just bothered me so much to know there were poor cats outside in the winter.

Every year many cats come into my care because they have been neglected, abused or abandoned outside.

Some cats have been rescued from death row at local pounds to make room for new arrivals and some cats are put to sleep after 5 or 7 days have gone by without the owners finding them.

I help as many cats as I can overcome their past and prepare for life in a new loving home.

Many of the cats and kittens in my care have had a difficult start in life, including having been victims of cruelty, and left outside to starve and face the harsh winter alone.

For these reasons I need to find special homes, with special people, who can help these cats to learn what it's really like to be in a loving, caring home.

Can you help by providing a furrever home for a special cat or kitten?

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I am also always looking for:

  • Cat toys
  • Pet cages
  • Corporate sponsors
  • Temporary foster homes