Minxy - Female - Shorthair

Minxy is a rescue Female Shorthair cat available for adoption from Montreal Cat Adoptions.

Minxy is the first mother cat with kittens that I received from the pound. She has grown so nicely from not being able to touch her to being able to lift her up but she doesn't like to be held.

Likes to be able to do what she wants. Just laying around and being part of the furniture. She is a beautiful cat who needs her own family to keep company with.

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Reference Number: #F-002

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Information About Minxy
  • Posted on: 2015-04-29
  • Cats Name: Minxy
  • Aprox. Age: About 2
  • Sex: Female
  • Breed of Cat: Shorthair
  • Color(s) of Cat: Tortoise shell
  • Fixed: Yes
  • Declawed: No
  • Vaccinated: Yes
  • Treated for Parasites: Yes
  • Character: Quiet
  • Good with Children: No
  • Good with Dogs: Yes
  • Good with Other Cats: Yes