Rescue Cat and Kitten Fee

Why I charge a fee for each rescued cat or kitten.

First if you think I am doing this for the money you are so wrong!

Many of the cats and kittens in my care have had 100's of dollars spent on them, as well as hours of my time.

The fee I charge covers in part:

  • Every cat I rehome I have neutered (subject to veterinary advice).
  • Veterinary checks - and medications if needed,
  • Up to date vaccinations,
  • Checked and cleared of parasites, worms, ringworm etc.
  • Food while in my care,
  • All cats and kittens are microchipped before you receive them as per Quebec Law.
  • Cat litter - I go through a lot!

Not to mention the many many hours I spend daily cleaning and nurturing cats in need of attention.

I often need to drive many miles to pickup cats in emergencies. as well as deliver them to their new homes. All of which takes a great deal of my time and expense.

The $250 fee for cats and kittens I charge goes a little towards these expenses of the next cat I rescue.

Why do I do spend so much time, effort, and money to help rescue cats and find them good homes?

Because I care!

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I am also always looking for:

  • Cat toys
  • Pet cages
  • Corporate sponsors
  • Temporary foster homes