My Personal Cats

These are my personal cats.

NOTE: Cats listed on this page are NO LONGER available - Click Here for cats that are available.

Grisouille - Female - shorthair - I got Grisouille on May 6th, 2016 from another rescue person who took care of her for awhile until I could take her. She came from a family who had too many cats.

Bear - Male - Longhair - I got Bear out of my friends back yard. There was a couple of female cats outside that kept having babies in the spring. One mother had 4 babies. I took them in and found homes for the other 3 and kept Bear for me because i thought no one would want him because he has a funny bone on his leg. That was 2013.

Veronique - Female - grey tabby - I got Veronique from a rescuer who had gotten her from the pound on October 23rd, 2014. She had her ear cut off somehow and she didnt want to come out of her cage for a longg time.

Skittles - Male - Shorthair - We got Skittles from my brother Reid when his cat had kittens a while agooooooo.

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